Last updated: October 2021 (yeah it's been a while, we'll refresh this soon)

3.5% of total new vehicles registered in Canada were ZEVs in 2020

This is good but can be better. More and more people are interested every day in Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) but for many purchasing one is a different matter. Education is needed along every step of the journey as car companies struggle to change.

*Source: Statistics Canada

71.8% of new ZEVs registered were BEVs

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are growing rapidly in the market. This is primarily due to Tesla, but other manufacturers are catching up.

*Source: Statistics Canada

The Federal Government supports innovation in Electric Cars

“There’s a lot of really great opportunities to be developing partnerships and production facilities not just for the North American market, but for the world.” Trudeau said.

Federal and Provincial support of the EV industry will spur innovation. Now is the right time to be launching a business or initiative which will participate in and help accelerate this innovation.

*Source: Global News

Canadian EV charging infrastructure continues to grow

A fast growing EV market needs a fast growing network of EV charging infrastructure. This is happening, with a 22% growth in deployment of fast-chargers in the last year. Charging infrastructure is ripe for innovation though in order to keep up with demand and provide as frictionless a user experience as possible.

*Source: Electric Autonomy